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PiZyPwm - Software PWM for Raspberry Pi

PiZyPwm, for Raspberry (Pi) Ea(zy) PWM, is an easy way to implement PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output on a Raspberry Pi using Python language.



PiZyPwm provides three sub-projects :

  • “rpi.gpio”, which generates PWM signals on onboard GPIO pins. It depends on RPi.GPIO library. This sub-project is now obsolete as RPi.GPIO library implements its own PWM function since version 0.5.2a.
  • “quick2wire”, which generates PWM signals on Quick2Wire expansion board.
  • “mcp230xx”, which generates PWM signals on MCP23008 or MCP23017 port expanders.

Requirements installation

As each sub-project has its own requirements, you should refer to the related README file.

See it in action

25%, 50% and 75% duty cycle
25% duty cycle 50% duty cycle 75% duty cycle

PiZyPwm presentation

Use with a digital oscilloscope

Download PiZyPwm library

PiZyPwm is distributed under the terms of the modified BSD license.

Download on GitHub

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