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MovingRaspi - Part 01: First steps

MovingRaspi is a project I had some times ago, and I've just decided to start. Project's goal is to motorize a Raspberry Pi and control it with an iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch). This first part is about the preliminary steps.


One wire

The final project will need four connections to the outside world:

  • A network connection, currently an Ethernet cable
  • Raspberry Pi power supply
  • USB hub power supply
  • Motors power supply

As I don't want the robot to be followed by four cables, I had to made some changes:

  • Network connection will move to WIFI, which remove one cable
  • Power supplies cables for each element will be merged.

In the end, I'll need only one cable. I have to choose a power capable to source enough current, so I chose a 5V switching power supply providing up to 4A. Why this one :

  • Raspberry Pi need 5V up to 0,7A
  • USB hub must provide 5V up to 1A (two 0.5A devices)
  • Chosen motors need 3 to 12V, up to 0.8A each, thus a total of 1.6A.

Thus I need up to 3.3A. Chosen power supply covers all my needs, with some margin for future. Assembly for this common power supply should look like below:

Common power

From left to right : USB hub power supply, Raspberry Pi power supply, and 2 connectors for motors and other needs.

In real life, it looks like bellow (as I'm still waiting for the needed power supply, I use a computer ATX power supply):

Common power

Needed items

When the power supply is working, I'll need some items to make the robot

Electronic items

Mechanical items :

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