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MovingRaspi - iPhone driven moving Raspberry Pi

MovingRaspi is a project I had some times ago, and I've just decided to start. Project's goal is to motorize a Raspberry Pi and control it with an iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch). This page is just a summary for the project, and links to assembly steps.


First part

This part is about the preliminary steps. You will find:

  • Needs to limit number of wires of the robot (power supply and network link).
  • Needed items for the final assembly.

Part 1: First steps

Second part

This part is about the communication between the iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch) and the Raspberry Pi. You will find:

  • Choice of communication protocol
  • Code at Raspberry Pi side
  • Code at iDevice side
  • A test assembly to validate both client and server code.

Part 2: iPhone -> Raspberry Pi communication

Third part

This part is about the final assembly. You will find:

  • H-Bridge
  • MCP23008
  • The final assembly

Part 3: Final assembly


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