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RFduino Power Shield

RFduino Power Shield allows to power an RFduino module from batteries, and provides 3 outputs (VCC out, +5V out, +3V3 out).


If you want to know more…

If you want to know more about RFduino, you may have a look to About RFduino.


RFduino Power Shield uses few items:

  • A barrel jack connector for input power.
  • One LM317T voltage regulator with a 270Ω and 820Ω resistors for +5V line.
  • One LM317T voltage regulator with a 220Ω and 360Ω resistors for +3V3 line.
  • Three 100 µF capacitors to filter voltage spikes.

The perfoboard assembly and schematics

Perfoboard assembly


Schematics and code are available as a Frizting file.


Some photos

Live assembly
Live assembly.

RFduino Power Shield in action

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