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ArduTemperatureMonitor - Simple Arduino based temperature monitor

ArduTemperatureMonitor is a simple Arduino based temperature monitor, with display of current, minimal and maximal temperature, with EEPROM storage of minimal and maximal values to survive power loss.



ArduTemperatureMonitor use few items:

  • An Arduino Uno board.
  • A TMP36 temperature monitor.
  • A 0.1 µF capacitor to filter voltage spike on TMP36 input.
  • An Hitachi HD44780 compatible LCD display.
  • A 220Ω resistor.
  • A 10kΩ potentiometer to set LCD contrast.

The breadboard assembly and schematics

Breadboard assembly


Schematics and code are available on GitHub.

Download on GitHub

Some photos

Live assembly
Live assembly.

Details of LCD display
Details of LCD display.

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