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JYE Tech DSO 062 quick review

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When you play work with electronic assemblies, an oscilloscope will soon become a useful tool, if not a necessary one. However, you may not have to spend a lot of money in a professional oscilloscope, a basic tool may be adequate. And that's the case of the oscilloscope I'll talk about, DSO 062 from JYE Tech.

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ICC profiles and applications

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As I said in a previous Capture NX test, JPEG files may have integrated ICC profile, but applications which display these files may not know how to use these profiles, which give an hazardous color rendering, when it's not fully false.

  • 19/08/2007: Firefox 3.0 alpha 7 supports ICC profiles

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Firefox 2.0 and undo closed tabs

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If you want to undo an accidental tab closing, you have many ways to do:

  • right click on the tab bar, select “Undo close tab” and repeat it as many time needed.
  • open “History” menu then “Recently closed tabs” then the tab you want to reopen.

I've accidentally found a third way: it's the keyboard shortcut <cmd>+<shift>+<T> on Apple computers and <ctrl>+<shift>+<T> on other systems.


Sitemap and robots.txt

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If you use a “Sitemap” file in order to give the map of your website to search engines, you don't have to manually tell to each search site the sitemap file URL. You have an easier way: you just have to add into your “robots.txt” file the following line:

Sitemap: <http://site/map/file/url>

The next time a search crawler will read your “robots.txt” file, it will automatically know how to get your website “Sitemap” file.

Search engine supporting “Sitemap” files are Google, MSN and Yahoo.


Thunderbird 2 and quotas

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Until now, if you access to your mailbox through an IMAP account with Thunderbird, and quotas were applied, the only way to quickly access them was to install “Display Quota” extension. With Thunderbird 2, this extension became obsolete.

There now are three key to change to display quotas with Thunderbird 2:

  • “”: in percent, when the quota meter starts showing up at all (you should set this key to 0 if you want to always display it).
  • “mail.quota.mainwindow_threshold.warning”: in percent, when it gets yellow.
  • “mail.quota.mainwindow_threshold.critical”: in percent, when it gets red.

But for the two last keys, I can't see any effect (Mac OS X version).

To change these keys, open Thunderbird options, go to “Advanced” section, then “General” tab, then click onto “Config Editor…” button. In the next window, enter key name into search field, then double click on it to change its value.


OpenTom: listen to mp3 with your TomTom PND

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Until now, TomTom PND where only used to go from somewhere to elsewhere. Now, they are able to play your mp3 files.

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OpenVPN IPv6 routing between a Windows 2000 workstation and an OpenBSD server

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The goal of this how-to is to allow a Windows 2000 workstation with no tunnel broker access (as in many enterprise network) to access to an IPv6 network with an OpenVPN tunnel.

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Disable temporary IPv6 addresses under Windows XP

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By default, Windows XP uses temporary IPv6 addresses (changed each time you reboot your computer). This behavior may be may inappropriate, mainly when you use connection tracking.

In order to disable temporary addresses, then only use addresses given IPv6 routing daemon, you have to execute the following command line:

ipv6 -p gpu UseTemporaryAddresses no

then reboot the computer.