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Thunderbird 2 and quotas

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Until now, if you access to your mailbox through an IMAP account with Thunderbird, and quotas were applied, the only way to quickly access them was to install “Display Quota” extension. With Thunderbird 2, this extension became obsolete.

There now are three key to change to display quotas with Thunderbird 2:

  • “”: in percent, when the quota meter starts showing up at all (you should set this key to 0 if you want to always display it).
  • “mail.quota.mainwindow_threshold.warning”: in percent, when it gets yellow.
  • “mail.quota.mainwindow_threshold.critical”: in percent, when it gets red.

But for the two last keys, I can't see any effect (Mac OS X version).

To change these keys, open Thunderbird options, go to “Advanced” section, then “General” tab, then click onto “Config Editor…” button. In the next window, enter key name into search field, then double click on it to change its value.


Apple Mail (short) test: annoying issues

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When I upgrade to Mac OS X 10.4, I replaced Thunderbird by Apple Mail as mail client, as Mozilla software get major slowdown with this OS version (this issue was fixed later, then I came back to Thunderbird due to above issues). Even if this application covers my needs, it's not perfect.

First post on 13/06/2005

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