First of all, data for a given version of iOS from the Simulator are stored into the folder “~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/<iOS version>/”. For each version, there are subfolders which are:

  • Applications: this folder stores applications installed from XCode.
  • Library: this folder stores data and settings from system applications of the Simulator (contacts, bookmarks, etc).
  • Media: this folder stores user's media (music, photos, etc).
  • tmp: this folder stores temporary data used by system and applications.

You may find other folder ending with .previousInstall, and a Root folder. You may ignore them.

To duplicate data and settings from an iOS version to another one, you just have to copy them from the source folder (i.e. 4.2) to the target folder (i.e. 4.3.2). This copy works well if you transfer data to a newer iOS version. If you transfer them to an older version, some data will be usable (applications, photos), but other ones won't (address book).