• A serial to USB DCU-11 cable, and a compatible mobile phone.
  • A Mac OS X PL2303 driver. A free one is available on this page.
  • PhoneAgent if you want to transfer files between your computer and your phone.

Setup steps.

  1. Download PL2303 driver, install it then reboot your computer.
  2. Plug your DCU-11 cable to the computer and the phone.
  3. Startup "System Information" (apple menu, "About this Mac", "More infos…"
  4. In order to check the driver, install then launch "PhoneAgent". Open its preferences menu, and in "Connection" section, you must have (and select) "PL2303-xxxx" in 'Serial Port" drop down list. You may check "Connect at startup" if you want.
  5. in order to use PhoneAgent, you must connect your phone: plug the DCU-11 cable if it's not already done, then click on the grayed Bluetooth icon on the left of the toolbar. If all is OK, the icon must turn to blue.

Sometimes, the driver is not immediately loaded and you'll have to wait for one ou two minutes after you plug the cable to your computer. If it's still not loaded, you may do that manually:

  1. Start up "Terminal" application.
  2. When the prompt is available, load PL2303 driver with the following command line:

sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/osx-pl2303.kext/

You may be asked for your administrator password.